Private commission, 2006, Los Angeles, CA

In the Chow Residence project, the client had recently acquired a neighborhood corner fruit market, built in 1920, and wished to convert it’s interior volume into an open, dramatic space. In addition to typical domestic conditions, the project was to focus on the accomodation of three main activities, Living, Entertaining, and Meditation. To engage the goals of the project, two architectural objectives were considered, [1] Develop a continuous architectural wall that encompasses and negotiates a living space, office, bedroom, den, and outdoor meditation space. [2] Explore how a smart interconnective system, created from simple, repeating modules, may offer a substantial degree of formal and organizational flexibility.

This project continues an investigation in how final form and presence are understood not by the un-bridled possibilities of digital space, but rather through an inherent logic and liberating limitation of the analog material itself. A self-imposed strategy relies on an aggregation of identical rectangular modules, though exploits the ‘slop’ introduced in an oversized connecting joint. This in-built, exaggerated tolerance within each joint, allows for the development of complex tectonics through the wall’s surface.

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