Denver Botanic Gardens Pavilion

Denver Botanic Gardens Pavilion, Denver, CO 2010

Commissioned proposal for an outdoor pavilion at the Denver Botanic Gardens

This pavilion is intended to be a functional, site-specific, installation that provides an appealing respite with shade, rain protection and visual interest throughout the year. This installation will be integrated into a key event space for the Gardens, offering a place for social interaction and special events. At the terminus of several walking paths, the designated plaza will be a core circulation space that overlooks a key water feature, the horseshoe-shaped “Monet Pond.” Also within close proximity will be the entrance a future expansion of a Japanese tea garden and bonsai pavilion.

The purpose of this Signature Pavilion would be to provide shade, rain protection, circulation and visual interest while maintaining an outdoor environment. Since DBG outdoor functions are more sporadic during winter months, the pavilion is designed to be surfaced during the operational months, and stripped down to its structure during the winter. This approach will allow the otherwise heavy snow accumulation in Denver to pass through the structure during the winter months. This allows the pavilion to operate as a hybrid between a typical rigid building and a tent-like typology.

Steel, Polycarbonate - (28’ H x 100’ W x 40' D) - (8.5m H x 30m W x 12.2m D)