Pitch Terrain

Pitch Terrain, Washing, DC 2006

A finalist proposal for a permanent public art project. An undulating lighted façade system for parking garages serves as a gateway to the new Washington Nationals Baseball stadium. The landscape of aluminum screens is derived from the basic principles of baseball pitches.

Baseball is a game of rules of play and the laws of physics. Along with these constraints, however, it is also a game of psychology and personality. Nowhere is this more beautifully expressed than in the showdown between pitcher and batter. It is here that almost every play in baseball starts. Anyone who listens to a baseball announcer has heard the terms change-up, breaking ball, and rising fastball, and yet, it is hard to get an experiential understanding of the nature of each of these pitches. This project embodies the landscape of possible pitches, each with their own personality, that might appear in the dual between pitcher and batter. (This proposal was a collaboration with Cliff Garten and Joshua Stein)

Anodized Aluminum, Stainless Steel - (45’ H x 125’ W x 4' D)